About Us

2928 Wilmington-Dayton Road
Bellbrook, OH 45305-8826
(937) 435-5673

We are an independent Baptist Church – just minutes south of Dayton. We seek to honor and glorify God by offering Blblical preaching, teaching, and discipleship.

You are invited to worship with us any Sunday that is convenient for you. Getting to know the people of EBC is the best way to get to know this church.

We want to encourage you to see the difference Christ has made in our lives.  For details about what we believe, see our Doctrinal Statement.


about-bannerIn 1964, a fledging church was started in Centerville, OH under the authority of the Emmanuel Baptist Church of Lebanon, Ohio. The new church adopted the name of Emmanuel Baptist Church of Centerville, Ohio. According to church records, 20 people covenanted together to form this new body of Christ. The first meeting place for this new assembly was the township hall located on Main Street (Rt. 48) just north of Franklin Street.

In the church’s initiation, a brother named Byron McCreary served as the first Pastor. His tenure as pastor was short, for in November, 1965 a Pastoral call was extended to and accepted by brother Wilton Mills. Brother Mills had been the Pastor of the mother church and came from there to shepherd this infant assembly. He would remain as pastor for a period of just over a year, resigning in April, 1967.

In June, 1967, a call was extended to Brother Robert Williams to become the third pastor of the church.

In April, 1968, plans for a new building were presented and approved by the church. Five acres of property had been previously purchased for about $5000 on West Centerville Road, later called Miamisburg-Centerville Road. In May, Mr. C.D. Harmon was selected as the builder. Bonds were sold to secure the $58,000 dollars needed to build the building. In October of that year the church moved into her new facilities.

In September of 1971, Brother Williams resigned as pastor effective in November of that year. At this time, Brother Howard Carter was called to the Pastorate of this church. He would serve this assembly until September, 1976. Pastor Carter is to be credited for the solid doctrinal foundation this church continues to hold till this day. In addition, the indebtedness against the property was retired during his ministry.

Pastor Darrell Messer came to this church in November of 1976 and continues in the role of Senior Pastor at this time.

In April of 2000, the church unanimously voted to sell the property on Miamisburg Centerville Road, and to relocate so our expanding ministry needs might be better served.



Our last service in our old building was June 30, 2001. From July, 2001 through August, 2003 we met at the Ridgeville Christian Schools.

During this time, 10 acres were purchased and the 18,000 square foot building in which we now worship was built.

Additionally, during this time, a call was extended to Brother Roger Tate to become the Outreach Pastor. He began in that role in July, 2002 and continued in it until February of 2007 when he began full time pre-field ministry for Kenya East Africa. In January 2008 the Tate family began full-time mission work in Kenya.

For those who have been with us through many years, we are most grateful. For those who have joined with us in recent times, we thank God. Together, we look to a future as bright as the sure promises of God, praying that all we do will praise and honor Him who loved us and gave Himself for us. We know that nothing of eternal value shall be accomplished apart from the power and presence of The Lord God Almighty, Our heavenly Father and so it is for this that we fervently pray.

With the Psalmist we say: “Oh, give thanks to the LORD, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever.” (Psalms 136:1)

God is good all the time!